Jonas Wilms

Hi! I'm Jonas, 18, from the Northern Lower-Saxony.
I'm still going to school, but I'm looking forward to get my Abitur soon.

I speak German, English (C1, Cambridge Exam) and a bit of Spanish, feel free to ping me in any of those languages on SO for questions related to programming and via Email concerning everything else.

At school I had to learn Java during my CS classes, but actually I prefer to use JavaScript, which I'm learning since more than 5 Years (you'll never stop). As I learned a lot from online ressources, I thought it would be good to help some others with coding just as others have helped me, thats why I participate on StackOverflow. Through that I solved problems for others in many JS related technologies, such as React and NodeJS. Recently I started learning Kotlin, which is my second favourite programming language now (especially Coroutines [= multithreaded green-threads] are fun). To understand how computers work (and to annoy my math teachers) I once wrote some small Assembly (Z80) programs for my calculator, but while it helped me understanding interrupts and pointers and other low-level things, I prefer to write code on a higher level.


Claim the Unknown

A multiplayer open-world strategy game for Android, developed in Kotlin (> 15k LOC) on the frontend and Typescript/Nodejs (> 10k LOC) on the backend. Developed together with four others, me working as a FullStack programmer. The players see each others in realtime, they can design houses and place them on the map, connect them with streets and let workers work on them. Ressources are generated at mines and transported to fabrications, workers eat & sleep and get children.

Unfortunately we haven't finished yet as we are all busy with preparing for our final exams. However we are planning to release it as a Beta in ??/2019.

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Macht mit! Niedersachsen

A small webpage written in TSX using React to motivate people in my home state to talk to their representatives and inform themselves about political topics. It was developed as part of my Seminarfach "Computing & Society" together with a friend of mine (She collected all the data and wrote the texts while I developed the Webapp).




A small WebApp to learn vocabularies written in TSX using React, developed together with Alex as part of our CS class.




Facharbeit - Electronic Voting: An opportunity or liability for society?

Vorfacharbeit - Could and should the criminal justice system be able to bypass iOS security?

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